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Meet the Band !

Rick Rock - Simply Queen 2023 4.jpg

Rick Rock

Yes, the name is REAL - not a stage name!

Simply Queen is fronted by Freddie impersonator extraordinaire Rick Rock,

a Canadian songwriter, recording artist and live entertainer for over four decades.

Rick is a vocalist, guitarist, pianist and producer from Windsor, Ontario, now residing in Amherstburg, Ontario. Throughout his storied career, he has entertained countless thousands as both headliner and supporting act for many legendary international artists - often performing for charitable organizations and their associated fund-raising events along the way.

For many years, Rick contemplated a tribute to his iconic rock heroes - Freddie Mercury and Queen. Encouraged by the rising popularity of tribute shows across the globe, the time finally seemed right!  With the release of the smash hit, bio-pic "Bohemian Rhapsody" and the ensuing accolades and awards, Queen has been thrust back into the public consciousness - not only rekindling the affections of existing fans but gaining whole new generations of them! It's clear without a doubt that Freddie Mercury is revered and beloved as one of the greatest vocalists, showmen and songwriters of all time and in that spirit, Rick has been belting out the songs and channeling Freddie's charisma and exuberance to sold-out audiences across North America and beyond for the past ten years now, thriving on the energy of his enthusiastic crowds from the moment he hits the stage!

Phil Charrette

Phil "The Hammer" Charrette is a powerhouse percussionist and vocalist from Kingsville, Ontario and the driving force behind Simply Queen - but it doesn't stop there! Phil's amazing vocal range and tone bear an uncanny similarity to Roger Taylor's distinctive, razor-edged style allowing Simply Queen the versatility to feature him on several of Roger's signature songs. 

Phil has performed and recorded with many diverse acts over the years. Some career highlights include opening for such legendary acts as Kansas, Quiet Riot, Herman's Hermits, The Monkees,  Rik Emmett of Triumph, Foghat and War to name a few.

SQ Phil Charrette 2.jpg
Eldad Kira - DSC_1273.JPG

Mitch Taylor

Mitch Taylor is another well-respected, veteran performer from Windsor, Ontario's East Side. Absorbing the groove and soul of Motown and the aggressive edge of Motor City hard rock radio growing up - he played piano, trombone and drums before switching to bass guitar in his teens.

Over the years, Mitch has been a member of Teaze (Aquarius/Capitol Recording Artists), Mindstorm (Aquarius Recording Artists), Tanzen (JLT/Steelheart Recording Artists), & The J.D. Project (Independent Recording Artists). When he's not working full-time as an IT Business Process Analyst, you can also catch him performing with Windsor journeymen rockers - The United Snakes and top-flight tribute - The Van Halen Invasion. 

He brings a wealth of stage experience, authenticity and panache to the Simply Queen show with his rock-solid grooves, soaring high vocal harmony and cool demeanor.

Charles Christopher Lambrick

CC is an immensely talented guitarist, vocalist, keyboardist, songwriter, producer and recording engineer hailing from the West Side of Windsor, Ontario. He has been a first call session player and member of such notable acts as Tanzen (JLT/Steelheart Recording Artists) and Jody Raffoul (Red Eye Records Recording Artists). He is currently a member of Teaze (Aquarius/Capitol Recording Artists) and tribute acts, Greatest Hits Live & The Van Halen Invasion.

Bringing decades of live experience and a Degree in Music from the U of Windsor to bear as Simply Queen's newest guitar slinger, CC has quickly become our de facto MD (music director) and adds a fourth lead voice to an already formidable ensemble.  Currently touring with Simply Queen in the United States, Charles definitely delivers "The Works" of Brian May!

Charles Lambrick - 2023.jpg

Wayne Brauer - Understudy

Wayne is a Canadian guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist from Ajax, Ontario. Among his other talents, he is also a songwriter, engineer, producer and has been a live performer for many years.

By day, Wayne is a Senior Audio Operations Tech for a major Canadian media conglomerate but when the houselights go down, he transforms into a living legend of British rock guitar - performing with Simply Queen as Brian May off and on since 2015. Armed with his Vox AC-30s, Red Special and even using Brian's trademark British sixpence as guitar picks, he attacks his role with the reverence and attention to detail of a true and seasoned Queen fan. 

Alumni Musicians

Bob Wegner guitarist.jpg

Bob Wegner

Greg Hawco - drummer vocalist and music director.jpg

Greg Hawco

MARK photo.jpg
Mark Yannetta

Rob Cooper

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